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Aston Martin Valhalla project 2021-02-26 15:41:00

Aston Martin will leverage its access to the Mercedes-Benz parts shelf to revise the Valhalla it plans to release in the coming years. Specifications haven't been finalized yet, but the supercar will most likely arrive with a German heart.
Announced in early 2019 as the Project 003, and named Valhalla later that year, the Ferrari-punching model was on track to make its debut with a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 mounted behind its passenger compartment. Aston Martin proudly pointed out that the six was the first engine it developed in-house since the Tadek Marek-designed 5.3-liter V8 entered production in 1969. These plans changed after Daimler purchased a 20% stake in the firm, however.
2019年初,這款名為Project 003、同年晚些時候被命名為Valhalla的法拉利沖壓車型首次亮相時,乘客艙后面安裝了一輛3.0升渦輪增壓V6發動機。阿斯頓·馬丁自豪地指出,這款6缸發動機是自1969年Tadek marek設計的5.3升V8發動機投入生產以來,阿斯頓·馬丁首次自主研發的發動機。然而,在戴姆勒收購了該公司20%的股份后,這些計劃發生了變化。
Aston Martin boss Tobias Moers (whose last position was at the head of Mercedes-AMG) told investors that his team is "re-assessing" the Valhalla, and that it will "probably have a different drivetrain" than the concept. He didn't reveal what the model will be powered by, and he stressed that nothing is off the table. Mercedes-Benz has a wide range of four-, six-, eight-, and 12-cylinder engines in its parts bin, plus hybrid technology and electric motors.
阿斯頓·馬丁(Aston Martin)的老板托拜厄斯·莫爾斯(Tobias Moers)(他上一個職位是梅賽德斯- amg (Mercedes-AMG)的掌門人)告訴投資者,他的團隊正在“重新評估”瓦爾哈拉(Valhalla),這款車“可能會采用與這款概念車不同的動力系統”。他沒有透露這款車型的動力來源,并強調沒有什么是不可能的。梅賽德斯-奔馳的零部件庫里有四缸、六缸、八缸和12缸發動機,還有混合動力技術和電動馬達。
Electrification remains in the pipeline regardless of the path the company chooses to take.
"With the transformational technology agreement with Mercedes-Benz, there are other chances for us regarding combustion engines, but we still have an electrified drivetrain," he said without providing more specific details.
It sounds like Aston will make visual tweaks to the Valhalla, too, because Moers revealed that buyers will be shown an updated version of the car in the next four months. It's unclear whether it will be presented to the public, too. Regardless, the car's introduction is tentatively scheduled for late 2023, so it will likely arrive here as a 2024 model.
Moers confirmed that a plug-in hybrid model with what he described as "a reasonable electric range" will join the Aston Martin range in the coming years, too. He added that three new variants of the DBX, the firm's first SUV, are on their way as well. One is a plug-in hybrid. Details about the others aren't known, but another could be a sportier version positioned at the top of the range. Finally, the first electric Aston Martin will arrive in about 2025.
莫爾斯證實,一款插電式混合動力車也將在未來幾年加入阿斯頓·馬丁的行列,他將其描述為“合理的電動續航里程”。他補充說,該公司首款SUV DBX的三款新車型也正在研發中。一種是插電式混合動力車。其他車型的細節尚不清楚,但另一款車型可能是一款更運動的版本,位于該系列的頂部。最后,第一輛電動阿斯頓·馬丁將在2025年左右問世。
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